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Banyan High School is a private, non-profit, state approved school for students with 
various learning disabilities. The school offers a departmental academic program with a strong guidance and social skills component. The program prepares students for admission into four year colleges, community colleges, technical/vocational schools and the work force. Sixty-seven percent of our first graduating class in 2010 went on to attend colleges and thirty-three percent entered the workforce.

Clubs, sports teams, counseling to support social skills, activities, an after 18 program and 
a Saturday enrichment program provide students with opportunities for social and emotional growth as well as extracurricular activities similar to those offered in public schools.

The desire to empower our students to achieve success is what drives the Banyan High School staff each and every day. Recognizing that each student has his/her own learning style, the students are taught to use methods individual to those styles that will enable them to achieve success. Our classes are small and have a maximum of an 8 to 1 student to teacher ratio. In addition, the curriculum is adapted to each student’s educational needs and progress is monitored to be sure each method of instruction is appropriate for the individual. When students graduate from Banyan High School, the guiding focus is that our students be prepared for life. Banyan High School also offers a Transition Option for students 18 to 21 
to prepare them for the world of work. For more information about this option, visit the link 
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